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Tips, frequently asked questions

  • Go to Settings/RSS, tap on the plus icon
  • Type the RSS feed’s url in the input
  • Tap on the Check and Add button
  • If no error occured, the feed is now listed under Settings/RSS

NewsFeed is periodically updating itself, which can be adjusted in Settings/Appearance & Sync/Update Frequency. You can update the feed any time manually, by pulling down the feed with one finger.

Just press the back button or do a back gesture on your phone

  • Pull the feed by two fingers, similarly when you refresh the feed
  • Release your fingers, when the arrow points up
  • Type what you want to search

You can reorder and organize icons into Folders if you use the Manual app drawer mode.
To switch the app list into Manual mode, tap on the “Applications” title on the top, then select “Manual”.
To edit the list, tap on the “Applications” title on the top, and tap on the edit button next to the “Manual” element.

Swipe to right in the main app drawer, to enter to the hidden app list

You can move app icons from the main app list, to the hidden app list
  • Swipe to right in the main app list, to enter to the hidden app list
  • Tap on the edit button on the top
  • Choose the app icons what you want to hide
  • Save your changes by tapping on the checkmark

After you enable the hidden app protection, you need to authenticate with your biometrics, every time you open the hidden app list.

  • Open the hidden app list
  • Tap on the dots on the upper right corner
  • Choose Enable protection
  • Authenticate with your biometric

When you set a new wallpaper, you can adjust the center of the image with two fingers, before you click on the checkmark

  • Try to refresh your NewsFeed by pulling it down with one finger
  • You need to set an API key in Settings/Weather
  • If you not see a correct city name under Settings/Weather/Location:
    • Try to enable the “Use GPS location” preference
    • Disable the “Use GPS location” preference and, try to set a city manually by tapping on “Location”

If your phone does not allow for you to switch to the gesture mode, you still have a chance to enable it. You need a PC or a mac to try it.
  • 1. Follow the instructions to install the ADB tool on your computer, switch on the debug mode on your phone, and grant the usb debugging as detailed here:
  • 2. Execute the following command, in the Command Prompt/Terminal window:
    adb shell cmd overlay enable
This method does not requires a rooted phone, but even if it works, it can be buggy.