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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This privacy policy document describes the usage of personal information in the NewsFeed Launcher application.

The application does not provide any personal data to the developer nor to any other third party by default.

2. Usage of personal information

2.1. YouTube

The app needs access to your YouTube account if you want the latest videos from your favorite channels to appear in the NewsFeed.
You need to give permission to your contacts to choose from your previously set up Google Accounts.
All data queried in a secure connection, only processed on your phone and the app uses only the read-only YouTube API endpoints.
You can sign out from this feature any time, and when you do this, all of your related data get deleted from the app.

By using the YouTube provider, you agree the YouTube Terms of Service and the Google’s Privacy Policy.

You can revoke the access to your YouTube data any time on the Google Security Settings page.

2.2. App usage statistics

The launcher uses your app usage statistics, if you want to sort the app icons by usage in the app drawer or you want to use the screen time widget.
All data processed only on your phone.

2.3. Accessibility permission

The app requires the accessibility permission if you want to use the “Double tap to turn off you screen” gesture.

This permission will be used only to turn off your screen and the app does not use or collect data with this permission.

2.4. Calendar

The app requires the calendar permission, in case you want to get displayed your next calendar events in its NewsFeed or on its calendar widget.
All data processed only on your phone.

2.5. Location

  • 2.5.1 – The app uses your location data for the “Auto Night Mode” feature on Android 9 and below.
    For this feature, the information handled only on the device.
  • 2.5.2 – The app uses your location data, if you enabled the “Use GPS location” setting under “Weather” in Settings, to query the actual and forecast weather information from the OpenWeatherMap API. This is disabled by default.

    If the “Use precise location” setting is enabled, your actual GPS coordinates will be sent to the OpenWeatherMap servers, otherwise the nearest city will be used.
    You can read the OpenWeatherMap’s privacy policy at here:

    If you do not want to use your location to get weather information, first disable the “Use GPS location” setting, then tap on the “Location” setting and choose a location from the list.

2.6. Storage/Files

  • 2.6.1 – The app requires access to your phone storage when its saves or restores a backup.
  • 2.6.2 – The app scans for images if you use the wallpaper picker feature.

All data processed only on your phone.

2.7 Application identifiers

The app optionally uses an online app category database for the categorized app drawer. The database created & maintained by the developer.

If you explictly enabled this usage to the app, the app will periodically re-query categories for apps, using their application identifiers.
These queries are anonymous, no data will be linked to you. Every data sent in a secure connection.

The feature can be enabled/disabled by the Settings/“App Drawer“/“Use the online app categories database“ preference.

3. Crash & error reports

The application provides crash reports to the developer through Firebase Crashlytics (non-personal data only), if you explicitly enabled the crash reports in settings.
This feature is disabled by default.

Last updated on: 2023.11.17.

  • Added section 2.7
  • Crash reports moved to section 3.