1. Introduction

This privacy policy document describes the usage of personal information in the NewsFeed Launcher Android application. You may access it in the app’s settings. The application does not provide any personal or non-personal (ex. usage) data to the developer nor to any other third party.
The application uses your personal informations in some situations, detailed in section two.
These informations used only on your device, only after your permission.

2. Usage of personal informations

2.1. Contacts and Google API (from version 1.0.29.)

The application requires access to some personal information, in case you want to get displayed the Youtube subscription informations in the NewsFeed. Before the query of these informations, you need to grant permission to access your contacts – to get the adjusted Google account list – and grant the access to the Google API.
After you grant these, you can disable them in the settings any time. When you do this, all of your related data get deleted from the app.
While using the Youtube provider, all your personal informations queried in a secure connection.

Updated on: 2017.09.06.