newsfeed launcher banner


ver 2.0.216

  • Bugfix for feed images

ver 2.0.212

  • Fixed and improved app drawer fling animation
  • Smaller bugfixes

ver 2.0.206

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in youtube setup

ver 2.0.205

  • Bugfix: Fix a leak what causing out of memory errors
  • Bugfix: Fix crash when disabling notifications
  • Smaller bugfixes

ver 2.0.201

  • New: Added ripple effect on feed list
  • New: NewsFeed transparency can be changed by a seekbar
  • Bugfix: Fixed context menu width in app list
  • Bugfix: Better handling syncronization indicator in newsfeed
  • Bugfix: Better handling touch animations on icons & news cards
  • Bugfix: Fixed freeze on login/logout to Twitter/Youtube caused by large amount of data
  • Bugfix: Fixed statusbar colors in newsreeder
  • Bugfix: Optimized async image loading in newsfeed

ver 2.0.197:

  • New: Dock hides on newsfeed’s page
  • Bugfix: Fixed newsreeder opening blink issue on Android Pie
  • Bugfix: Fixed newsreeder background on Android Lollipop
  • Bugfix: Widget resizing on Android Pie
  • Bugfix: Startup crash when READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is not granted
  • Bugfix: Quick scrolling in all apps list

ver 2.0.194:

  • New: status bar color based on wallpaper
  • Bugfix: Icon pack switch
  • Smaller optimizations & bugfixes

ver 2.0.193:

  • New: App list background transparency
  • New: New font New: Bagde colors based on app icons
  • New: Android App Bundle format
  • New: App title caching for faster startup
  • Fixed: Few icon/widget positioning problem
  • Fixed: Context menu size
  • Fixed: App crash caused by invalid adaptive icons
  • Fixed: Few html table caused crash in the news reader

ver 1.5.182:

  • New: You can send feed urls to the developer what you cannot add to the newsfeed
  • New: You can change the transparency of the feed background
  • Bugfix: Fixed compatibility with some widgets (ex. Overdrop)

ver 1.5.181:

  • Bugfix: fixed button colors in news reader
  • Bugfix: fixed browser button offset with onscreen buttons in news reader

ver 1.5.177:

  • New: Draggable app list
  • Bugfixes

ver 1.4.166:

  • Context menu redesign
  • Webview replaced in news reader with Textview for quicker load
  • Basic wallpaper picker
  • Bugfixes

ver 1.3.157:

  • Twitter setup bugfix

ver 1.3.154:

  • Animations
  • Database optimization

ver 1.2.148:

  • Settings redesign
  • Global Roboto font
  • Iconpack bugfix

ver 1.2.141:

  • Bugfixes for improved stability