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ver 26.1.0

  • Recently installed & frequently used apps now appear in the app list search results, when the input is empty
  • Added option to choose where the wallpaper wanted to be applied
  • Added air quality to weather widgets
  • AVIF image support
  • Bug fixes

ver 26.0.0

  • New categories app list mode
  • More streamlined UI
  • Improved Reddit RSS/json feed support, ability to add sub or user feeds with sharing links
  • Notes are auto saved
  • One handed mode can be disabled
  • Now correctly handles night mode dependent app icons
  • Bug fixes

ver 26.0.0-beta03

  • Now correctly handles night mode dependent app icons
  • Bug fixes

ver 26.0.0-beta02

  • Hibajavítások

ver 26.0.0-beta01

  • New categories app list mode
  • Streamlined UI
  • Improved Reddit RSS/json feed support, ability to add sub or user feeds with sharing links
  • Notes are auto saved
  • One handed mode can be disabled

ver 25.0.2

  • Fixed: App colors not applied correctly in some conditions on app start
  • Fixed: Weather details on tablets
  • Fixed: Launching applications after their update failed
  • Updated translations

ver 25.0.1

  • Preferences are now hidden if the main switch if off under Dock/Calendar/Weather
  • Smaller bug fixes & improvements

ver 25.0.0

  • Initial Android 14 support
  • Fixed: Auto placing multiple app icons when adding newly installed apps to desktops
  • Added option to choose wallpaper based dynamic app colors on newer Android versions
  • Some wallpaper related features now requires to use the in-app wallpaper picker
  • Simplified Chinese translation
  • Monochrome Google Calendar icon support
  • The weather forecast and the calendar events now have card look similar to the news
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 24.1.0

  • Ability to set night mode specific colors for in-app widgets
  • New NewsFeed appearance preferences screen with preview
  • Fast scrolling in hidden app list
  • Smaller bug fixes & improvements

ver 24.0.0

  • Podcast RSS feed support
  • Fixed: crash when selecting large folders for wallpaper profiles
  • Fixed: incorrect app icon text colors in app list when using the white theme
  • Fixed: a crash when using monochrome icon packs on some Huawei phones with older Android versions
  • Fixed: the data usage widget was blank when the required permission was missing
  • Supports Android 8 or newer
  • Twitter support removed, due to Twitter API v1 shutdown
  • Added ability to use the app color as the reader background
  • Ability to add some Podcast RSS feeds by using Apple Podcast and SoundCloud sharing urls
  • Bug fix for widget/app icon colors, when the night mode is active
  • Fixed: Enabling Bluetooth devices in battery widget
  • Updated French translations

ver 23.0.1

  • Fixed: NewsFeed and app drawer background colors were not updated in some conditions
  • Fixed: Crash when displaying toasts on Android 6 and 7

ver 23.0.0

  • New app/reader font selector
  • Monochrome icon pack support below Android 13
  • Easier widget drag & drop
  • Rewritten settings backup/restore
  • New: Default wrapped icon inset preferences
  • Smaller bug fixes & improvements

ver 22.0.4

  • Fixed opening tweets from the NewsFeed
  • Monochrome icon related bug fixes and improvements

ver 22.0.3

  • Fixes a bug which caused the app to hang when other apps are getting updated
  • Fixes monochrome calendar icon colors
  • Brotli compression support

ver 22.0.2

  • Smaller bug fix

ver 22.0.1

  • Smaller bug fixes

ver 22.0.0

  • Work profile support
  • Wallpaper profiles
  • Dutch translation
  • Folders now can have custom icons
  • GUI performance improvements
  • Fixed: Wallpaper dependent widget colors were sometimes not updated
  • Fixed: Widget resizing were allowed while the layout was locked
  • Bug fixes and improvements

If you found a bug, feel free to send a message via the “Contact support” menu! Thanks!

ver 21.0.0

  • Monochrome icon support on Android 13
  • Wallpaper dependent monochrome icons & folder icons
  • The dock now supports multiple rows and widgets
  • Ability to share/delete multiple wallpapers at once
  • Monochrome favicon support (Settings/NewsFeed/Prefer monochrome icons)
  • Monochrome clock icon
  • Optimized wallpaper picker, now more fluid on lower-end devices
  • The app drawer & widget list now remains open on tablets when rotating the device
  • Dock horizontal margin preference
  • Fixed: Sometimes the app not returned to the main screen after applied a new wallpaper on Android 12+
  • Fixed: The weather setup flow
  • A bunch of minor bug fixes and improvements

ver 20.0.4

  • Fixed notification dismissal from icon context menus
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 20.0.3

  • Updated Greek translations
  • Added fallback to web based Twitter login, if the app based fails.
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 20.0.2

  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 20.0.1

  • Fixed error reporting, which was broken in the previous version
  • Fixed clear button in icon editor – not always worked as expected
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 20.0.0

  • Wallpaper dependent widget colors on Android 12+
  • Wallpaper dependent in-app-widget colors on Android 6+
  • App icons now show when the application is installing/updating
  • Fast paging between desktops with the page indicator
  • Icon previews in icon settings
  • Condensed icon labels preference
  • Improved icon pack support
    • Icon packs can now request to be the default, more about this: here
    • Fixed: Earlier launcher versions didn’t show all icons in the icon picker (ex. icons with alternative colors)
    • New icon recommendations
    • Fixed icon preview issues in the icon picker on Android 7.1 or older
  • Better icon scaling
  • Fixes an issue that caused a crash when setting up your Twitter account
  • Fixes an issue that caused a crash with some wallpapers
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 19.1.0

  • Added option to change the location of the notification dot on the icons
  • Fixed an issue, when app folders are not saved correctly
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements

ver 19.0.1

  • Bug fixes

ver 19.0.0

  • New optional auto color theme selection based on the wallpaper
  • Removed folder icon limit
  • Updated Greek translation
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

ver 18.0.635

  • New home screen layout lock preference
  • Newly installed app icons now can be automatically added to the home screen (Android 8+)
  • New dock background/background transparency preferences
  • New app drawer display mode: page
  • The app drawer now has a new search menu bar layout option
  • Now you can list your most frequently used apps in the top of the app drawer
  • New folder icon background color/background transparency preferences
  • Optional “jump to top” button in the NewsFeed
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ver 17.1.626

  • Ability to hide the dock
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ver 17.0.623

  • New swipe up and hold gesture to search in the app list
  • Italian translation
  • The app can automatically discover the RSS feed urls from domain names, so it’s easier to add a new RSS feed to the NewsFeed
  • Redesigned widget picker
  • Improved widget compatibility
  • Added some new icon drop animation
  • Added bug tracker link
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ver 16.0.617

  • New gold color option
  • Ability to hide the status bar
  • Ability to hide the page indicator
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ver 15.0.608

  • Android 12 support
  • Air quality information in weather details

ver 14.0.602

  • New battery, network data usage widgets
  • Pull down to close gesture in the wallpaper picker
  • Relative url support in the offline reader
  • New grid (3×3) folder icon style
  • Weather alerts on the weather details screen
  • Initial right-to-left layout support
  • Link support in notes
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements

ver 13.0.593

  • Bugfixes and improvements

ver 12.2.584

  • Smaller bugfixes

ver 12.1.582

  • New battery widgets
  • The screen time widget now tapable
  • Bug fixes & improvements

ver 12.0.577

  • Ability to search in the app list
  • New manual app list sort option with folder support
  • French, Turkish, Kurdish translation

ver 11.1.569

  • Bug fix: NewsFeed jumped to top after an automatic update
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ver 11.0.564

  • Ability to search in the NewsFeed by pulling down the feed with two finger
  • Smaller redesign in settings
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ver 10.3.559

  • Russian translation
  • Bug fixes & improvements

ver 10.2.552

  • Bug fixes

ver 10.1.549

  • Supports double tap gesture to turn off the screen on Android 9+
  • Supports shortcut pinning from other apps on Android 8+
  • Bug fixes

ver 10.0.542

  • New widgets
  • New icon shape
  • Bug fixes

ver 9.1.538

  • New icon scaling option
  • New icon font scaling option
  • Bug fixes

ver 9.0.530

  • Supports Android 11
  • Greek translation
  • New blur theme option
  • New opml importer
  • New icon shapes
  • Ability to rename RSS feeds
  • Bug fixes & improvements

ver 8.0.518

  • Uses scoped storage on Android 10+
  • Supports apps on SD cards
  • Calendar: Recurring events now appear in the Newsfeed
  • Weather: New detailed view with daily & hourly forecasts
  • New notes module
  • Improved drag&drop
  • New theme color option
  • Fixed white theme

ver 7.2.504

  • Added ability to hide the scroll bar in the app list
  • Optimized app list scroll performance
  • Fixed split view related bugs
  • Smaller bugfixes & improvements

ver 7.1.492

  • Bugfixes & improvements

ver 7.0.486

  • Calendar support
  • Rounded drawer
  • Fixed synchronization with youtube accounts with more than 50 channel subscriptions
  • Added ability to choose (dynamic) icons from icon packs for the clock and the calendar apps

ver 6.4.479

  • Bugfixes & improvements

ver 6.3.468

  • Bugfixes & improvements

ver 6.2.463

  • Bugfixes & improvements
  • More detailed privacy policy

ver 6.1.455

  • Bugfixes & improvements
  • Ability to hide icon labels on desktops

ver 6.0.445

  • New: Supports per app/shortcut icon customization (title/icon)
  • New: Supports Adaptive icon packs
  • Bugfix: In some conditions the feed jumped up after a refresh
  • Bugfixes & improvements

ver 5.5.437

  • New hidden app list in app drawer (optionally can be protected), can be open by swiping right
  • The app now correctly follows system icon shape changes
  • Bugfixes

ver 5.4.430

  • Android 10 support
  • Supports Android 10 gesture navigation (if can be enabled on the device)
  • Rewritten desktop grid, now you can choose the grid size in the settings
  • Supports Dual Messenger (Samsung) and Parallel Apps (Oneplus)
  • Bugfix: Sometimes the choosen city not saved for the weather forecast
  • Bugfixes & improvements

ver 5.3.416

  • Supports icon shape changing on Android 10
  • Supports adaptive icons on pre-Oreo devices
  • Added option to choose the default desktop
  • Fixed: Blurry icons in “adjust wrap” settings
  • Fixed: The newsfeed became laggy after a lot of dismissed news
  • Fixed: Sometimes not all feed appeared in the drawer list
  • Fixed: App shortcuts sometimes not updated correctly after an app update
  • Smaller bugfixes & improvements

ver 5.2.410

  • Supports auto backup
  • Rewritten app list & fastscroll
  • Improved syncing with Youtube
  • More consistent status&navigation bar colors
  • New color
  • New: Adjust icon wrap menu option
  • Bugfix: In some conditions the dock covered by the hidden app list
  • Bugfix: The weather did not show up with the staggered layout
  • Smaller bugfixes & improvements

ver 5.1.394

  • New: Ability to merge folders
  • New animations, transparent status/navigationbar in settings
  • New: Linear/Staggered layout setting
  • New: Small/Large card corner radius setting
  • New: Initial RSS1 support
  • Memory optimizations
  • Optimized startup performance
  • Fixed drag&drop issues
  • Smaller bugfixes & improvements

ver 5.0.373

  • Fixed: Folder renaming

ver 5.0.372

  • Entirely rewritten in kotlin
  • New: Prefer small column setting for newsfeed
  • Wallpapers: Next images now preloads in previewer
  • Wallpapers: Image lists now refreshes when a file system change occur, improved folder previews
  • Fixed: parallax wallpaper with only one desktop
  • Fixed: app context menu related crashes
  • Reduced memory footprint by downscaling large app icons
  • Updated licences
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements

ver 4.5.361

  • Improvement: Freer icon grid
  • New: Animation when you drag an icon onto an another one

ver 4.4.358

  • New: You can save news for read later, so it won’t be deleted from the app
  • New: Now you can remove news from your newsfeed with long press & swipe to right
  • Bugfix: Fixed the non responsive preferences in settings on Lollipop

ver 4.3.350

  • New: The RSS sync now supports compressed responses
  • New: Vertical seekbar to set the transparency
  • Rewritten backup destination chooser & restore file browsing
  • Smaller improvements

ver 4.2.343

  • Smaller bugfixes & improvements

ver 4.1.335

  • Bugfixes
  • New black color option
  • Transparent navigationbar

ver 4.0.326

  • Bugfixes

ver 4.0.323

  • Bugfixes

ver 4.0.316

  • New: Can scroll between wallpaper pics
  • New: Can set an offset to wallpapers with two finger drag
  • New: Delete/share wallpaper image in viewer
  • New: Pull down gesture in reader
  • Restructured & redesigned settings
  • Optimized icons for better berformance
  • New sync scheduler implementation
  • Rewriten database access
  • Smaller improvements
  • Fixed backup on older systems

ver 3.2.291

  • Context menu for widgets
  • Sharper vector icons in settings
  • Smaller bugfixes

ver 3.2.285

  • Redesigned widget list
  • More frequent weather update
  • New: Simple clock widget

ver 3.2.280

  • Fixed icon y offsets
  • New: Small statistic in about
  • New: OnePlus Weather icon displays the current weather
  • Smaller bugfixes & improvements

ver 3.2.274

  • Smaller bugfix for weather api key setup

ver 3.2.273

  • New: Weather provider (OpenWeatherMap)
  • New colors
  • Bugfix: Perspecive wallpaper setting not saved correctly
  • Bugfix: App icon not appear/disappear when enabling/disabling an app
  • Bugfix: Optimized newsfeed syncronization memory usage to prevent OutOfMemory crashes

ver 3.1.262

  • Improved image detection (with enabled Readibility)

ver 3.1.257

  • New: Landscape orientation on tablets
  • New: Added ability to change column count
  • New: Now wraps non adaptive shortcut icons too
  • More responsive perspective wallpaper
  • Bugfix for non created indexes for faster database
  • Bugfix: Widget configuration option incorrecly appeared for non-configurable widgets
  • Bugfix: Widget creation failed at first time
  • Bugfix: Not all news listed on pre-oreo devices
  • Smaller visual bugfixes

ver 3.0.247

  • New: Option to change icon shape on Oreo or up – Make a backup before change
  • New: Option to wrap non adaptive icons to adaptive – Non icon pack only
  • New: Animated Clock and Google Calendar icons
  • New: Perspective wallpaper based on acceleration sensors
  • New: Opt-in crash reports
  • Faster wallpaper apply
  • Bugfix: Fixed app uninstalling from the context menu on Pie
  • Bugfix: Fixed twitter sync ANRs with large number of tweets
  • Smaller visual bugfixes
  • Updated privacy policy

ver 2.0.226

  • Rewritten newsfeed data loading
  • Bugfixes
  • Removed Facebook setup option – The required API permission provided for companies only

ver 2.0.221

  • Bugfix for app hide function

ver 2.0.216

  • Bugfix for feed images

ver 2.0.212

  • Fixed and improved app drawer fling animation
  • Smaller bugfixes

ver 2.0.206

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in youtube setup

ver 2.0.205

  • Bugfix: Fix a leak what causing out of memory errors
  • Bugfix: Fix crash when disabling notifications
  • Smaller bugfixes

ver 2.0.201

  • New: Added ripple effect on feed list
  • New: NewsFeed transparency can be changed by a seekbar
  • Bugfix: Fixed context menu width in app list
  • Bugfix: Better handling syncronization indicator in newsfeed
  • Bugfix: Better handling touch animations on icons & news cards
  • Bugfix: Fixed freeze on login/logout to Twitter/Youtube caused by large amount of data
  • Bugfix: Fixed statusbar colors in newsreeder
  • Bugfix: Optimized async image loading in newsfeed

ver 2.0.197

  • New: Dock hides on newsfeed’s page
  • Bugfix: Fixed newsreeder opening blink issue on Android Pie
  • Bugfix: Fixed newsreeder background on Android Lollipop
  • Bugfix: Widget resizing on Android Pie
  • Bugfix: Startup crash when READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is not granted
  • Bugfix: Quick scrolling in all apps list

ver 2.0.194

  • New: status bar color based on wallpaper
  • Bugfix: Icon pack switch
  • Smaller optimizations & bugfixes

ver 2.0.193

  • New: App list background transparency
  • New: New font New: Bagde colors based on app icons
  • New: Android App Bundle format
  • New: App title caching for faster startup
  • Fixed: Few icon/widget positioning problem
  • Fixed: Context menu size
  • Fixed: App crash caused by invalid adaptive icons
  • Fixed: Few html table caused crash in the news reader

ver 1.5.182

  • New: You can send feed urls to the developer what you cannot add to the newsfeed
  • New: You can change the transparency of the feed background
  • Bugfix: Fixed compatibility with some widgets (ex. Overdrop)

ver 1.5.181

  • Bugfix: fixed button colors in news reader
  • Bugfix: fixed browser button offset with onscreen buttons in news reader

ver 1.5.177

  • New: Draggable app list
  • Bugfixes

ver 1.4.166

  • Context menu redesign
  • Webview replaced in news reader with Textview for quicker load
  • Basic wallpaper picker
  • Bugfixes

ver 1.3.157

  • Twitter setup bugfix

ver 1.3.154

  • Animations
  • Database optimization

ver 1.2.148

  • Settings redesign
  • Global Roboto font
  • Iconpack bugfix

ver 1.2.141

  • Bugfixes for improved stability