CyanogenMod LogoI’m proudly present my first Android releated work. :)

In december 2014, I got a GT-S7562 and I was not satisfied with its original Samsung firmware, because it was slow and has a lot of bloatware.
So I decided to make a working release of Cyanogenmod 11.
The GT-S7560M has a similar hardware except the dual-SIM RIL, so the kylessopen firmware (thanks to jonypx09) was a good initial source.
I reverse engineered the stock Java Radio Interface Layer, and based on that informations, I restructured the kylessopen’s sources.
Finally with my custom telephony-common, telephony-msim java layer, and with the stock rild, and libril*.so binaries, the GSM connection works.

Important: This is an initial release. If you found a bug, please send a feedback.

Non working functions:

  • FM radio,
  • Bluetooth,
  • Built-in browser (black screen bug, pmem),
  • Video Encoding (I deleted to prevent Viber to freeze the phone),
  • Video Camera,
  • Built-in Torch – use another app from the store (example Quick Torch)


  • TWRP 2.7 Recovery (With CWM it not works!)
  • If RIL not works, flash stock hungarian firmware, before you install the ROM.

Install method:

  • 1. Reboot to download mode and flash stock hun firmware with Odin.
  • 2. Reboot to download mode and flash TWRP with Odin.
  • 3. Reboot to recovery mode and install RC1 and update packages with TWRP (Uncheck zip file verification before install).


  • To increase battery life until RC2 release, disable all bluetooth service (org.codeaurora.bluetooth, Bluetooth Share) with DisableService (Play Store).
  • The “OneL+ Lollipop” theme with “IdeaL Theme Dark”‘s icons is beautiful.


  • Few bugfixes
  • Youtube 480p playing.

Download links and thread at:

Screenshot GT-7562 with Cyanogenmod 11 Screenshot GT-7562 with CM11 Screenshot GT-7562 with CM11